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Friends Missing in Action

Help our association locate our missing friends. If you know the whereabouts of any of the people listed below, please contact the alumni association by clicking the link at the bottom of this page and send us a little note. We sure would appreciate your assistance.

Hercules Aikiens
Donald Andrews
Ronnie D. Armbruster
Betty Arrington

Chip Babcock
J udith Barron (Markey)
Robert Best
Gregory Birchfield
Etta Glinda Brice
Janet Ann Koxlik Bird
Sandra Broxson
Sharon Booth Bryan (McNeney)
Robert Ray Burnsed
Sandra Jean Burrows (Williams)
Roger Butler

Alan Carlia
Karen Gail Charles (Garret)
Patricia A. Clark
Linda Combs
William Maurice Conway
Alan B. Crawford
Barry Crawford

Bruce Davidson
Roger Eugene Davis
Sherrie Ann Deal
Iris Priscilla Dearing
Linda Lea Decker
Michele Darlene DeGray
Madeline DeLee
James Dietrich
Patti Ann Dilling (Phillips)
Dede Florence Dotter
Linda Doyle
Mary Dubois
Gregory Brooks Dunbar
Bill Durand
Edward Dwyer, Jr.

Brenda Evans

Brenda Fairchild
Tommy Fisher
Lawrence Fitzgerald
Judy Fredericks
Diana Kay Freels
Leroy Fouts

Cora Gaggiani (Zook)
Phillip Gansz
Peggy Genova (Lear)
Patricia Gibson (Vasser)
Linda Gilbreath
Nancy Goddard (Cline)
Patsy Good
Stephen Gomez
Robert Jerome Grant
Cam R. Greene
Joy Grubbs
Cheri Grunman (Jey)
Eugene Gryb

Robert Hager
Tom Hailey
Andrew Haley
Phillip Hansler
Robert Glen Hardy
James Harris
Betty Lou Haslam (Carthy)
Joyce Hawkins
Julia Lee Hays (Ianne)
Jeanne Marie Healey
Richard Henning
John Henry
Catherine Herget
Richard Higginbottom
Michael Hilliard
Thomas Hilliard
Candy Louise Hinson (Wiswell)
Barbara Hoff
Marie Howser
Barbara Jeanne Hussey (Guhin)
Diane Hutchinson

Terry Lee Jenkins
Bill Jeter
Earl Johnson
Fred Marion Johnson, Jr.
Lynn Julius (Givens)

Edward Kelsch
Linda Kidwell
Janice King (Lyons)
Karl J. Knapp
Russell Kramer
George Kyler

Lynda Leahy (Stallworth)
Sharon Gale Linnert
John B. Lucas
Ann Conway Lyons

Nancy MacEwan
Aletha Lynn Maynor (Gryb)
Susan G. McClellan (Knox)
John B. McKenzie
Larry McMillan

Dorothy Ann Markow
Virginia Martin
Irene Marie Mecca (Jaloski)
Steve Miller
Miguel A. Mendez
William John Mercer
John Meyer
C. Larue Miller, Jr.
Steve Miller
Larry W. Money
Marsha Montgomery
Sheila Rebecca Morgan (Jones)
Susan Morrison (Swain)

Douglas Paul Nichols

Robert Odom
Vincent J. O’Hara
Edward Ohlson

Bruce Parker
Victoria Paul (Fonger)
Jose Thomas Pereira
Douglas Paul Nichols
Rodney Pender
Eda Mae Price

Aletha Lee Rackley (Stettson)
Cynthia Rappuhn (Smith)
Robert A. Reinhardt
Barbara A. Riggs
Hikka Rosilo
Theodore F. Rowell
Dale Russell

Raymond M. Sabet
Gerald J. St.Pierre
John Sachs
Margaret Salas
Roland Santos
Dale Saxton
Van (Henry) Schmidt
Ann Seymore
Dave Seymour
Robert Segall
Margaret Stephens
Robert Stevenson
John Suker
Robert Sutton

Sandra L. Tennell
Robert Tideberg
Sandra Tomlinson (Howell)
Connie Tracy (Linder)
Kathy Trent (Rosenblum)
Trudie Adair True

James Urli

Joseph J. Vaughn
James Peraza Villalobos

Robert Waldron
Brenda Walker
Edwin Walker
Terry Michael Wardell
Karen Waters
Irene Marie Weber (Mecca)
Reinie Wendt
Gwen Whidden (Wolghagen)
Mark Whittaker
Fred Eugene Williams
Kenneth Williams
Douglas Wilson
Fred Milton Wilson
Fred Eugene Wilson
Brenda Wright

Susan Zefers (Fair)
Alan Zimmerman


Please do not assume we know where your friends are. Check out our missing classmate list. If you know someone that was supposed to graduate with us in 1967 but did not, for whatever reason, we would like to add them to our list of classmates.

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