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Welcome to the all new and improved web site for the Palm Beach High School graduating class of 1967.  Someone liked our old site so well that they decided to pilfer it and call it their own, even though the site was copyrighted (we know who you are!!!).  You will notice a lot of logos scattered around throughout this new web site.  Please understand that they might look ugly, but they were necessary to protect the web site's copyrighted images and original text.

Well, lets move on to better things.  You're invited to browse through this new site.  A few things are essentially the same (they were too huge to reconstruct!), but there are a couple new pages you'll want to visit, such as the Memories Gallery.  This will be a work in progress as we get more images prepared for posting.  Please send the webmaster images you would like to share on the memories page.  This is your web site, so please participate.  And we finally finished the Sports Activities page.  Also, be sure to visit our GRAND reunion page which is being planned for October 2005.  As information becomes available for that party of parties, we'll get it posted here, so keep checking back with us.  You'll also want to check out the new official web site for the Palm Beach High School Historical Associationa group of individuals dedicated to keeping the history of our dear old alma mater alive.

Our other news is that we've added an additional page for class reunions for other Palm Beach High School graduating years.  As we are provided with this information by coordinators from other PBHS alumni associations, we'll post it here for everyone to see, so keep checking back to our new Alumni News page.

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