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The Campus Shop hand tinted

Everyone for generations hung out at The Campus Shop on the corner of Hibiscus and Georgia, right across the street from the school.  We all bought school supplies there, and many of us filled our bellies with snacks and Cokes served from the soda fountain.  The Campus Shop was an "institution" as much as Palm Beach High School itself. We apologize if the colors don't match what you were wearing that day. . .hand tinting is an art, not a science!

Do you remember the original menu for The Hut?  Delicious, juicy hamburgers, grilled hot dogs on a toasted bun, thick grilled cheese (and if you asked real nice, they'd throw a fried egg on that grilled cheese, too), fried chicken or fried butterflied jumbo shrimp served in a basket with french fries, fresh cole slaw and a buttered roll.  And don't forget the root beer in a thick, frosted mug.  Eat in your car, dine in the dining room or under the banyan tree on the patio, or sit at the counter inside.  It was THE place to be seen.  The menu from the "new" Hut was provided by Pat Sprague—thanks Pat!

The "new" Hut menu cover

Tedder's Texaco

And if you ran out of gas, there was always Tedder's Texaco, open late for all of us who were out cruising when we should have been home doing our English homework—Mrs. Anderson, you weren't supposed to know that!

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